Bear in a Jif (Lion Brand)

Lately I’ve been trying my hand at amigurumi animals. I’ve done an elephant lovey next I tried working an amigurumi animal bear pattern that I found. It was pretty simple and easy to work out. I didn’t have any complications or any modification. Usually when I do patterns I have to do a lot of modification cause I don’t like how the pattern is written. I worked this pattern using Red Heart and a G Hook instead of an H. Another thing I also did was use embroidery floss to make the eyes instead of using the black doll eyes. The pattern can be found on Raverly By Lion Brand Yarn.

Bear in a Jif


Amigurumi Elephant Snuggle

So I finally tried my hand at an Amigurumi, but it was a lovie instead of a whole animal after all it was my first time didn’t want to get to ahead of myself. I found this really cute Elephant Amigurumi¬† Lovie. It was rather easy for something small and my first time. The blanket part of the lovie is done in a simple granny square style using gray, black, and red. While the elephant uses gray and red for the body and black embroidery tread for the eyes. With this pattern I didn’t have to make any adjustments, though I do have to say the nose is bigger than expected especially in proportion to the head. The pattern can be found on Ravelry by Dennis van den Brink.

Elephant Lovie

Scrap Heart Kisses Scarf

As you can probably tell I’m a fan of Ravelry, as most of my patterns come from there. A while ago I found a scarf pattern I really liked however it was available only for sale until recently. The pattern is called Heart Kisses Scarf by Krystle Lindsay, it contains chain, half double crochet, front post and back post double crochet. By using the fpdc and bpdc, it helps to form hearts along with diamonds along the length of the scarf. The scarf is fairly easy to make, I made my first one in a basic green color, before moving onto a scrap which turned out really well. There were only a few adjustments on this pattern I made, the pattern recommends repeating rows 5-32, 5 more times however I repeated it 6 times to get the right length as outlined in the pattern instructions.

Scrap Heart Scarf

Copycat Hat

There’s so many modern style patterns which are a representation of old style patterns from the 1920’s. I found two hat patterns however I only like parts of the two. On the Red Bulky Skullcap with Big Black Button by Pinar Vardar I like the brim, however on the Copycat Hat by Rebecca Bee I like the hat part, so I decided to combine the two parts I like. The outcome is a cloche hat which turned out better than I hoped actually. I used Red Heart with Love, color Holly Berry as the yarn, G Hook, plus two buttons instead of 1 to attach the Brim to the hat.

CopyCat Hat

Simple Earflap Hat Turned Beanie

Lately I’ve been looking for an Earflap Hat however the hat that I made didn’t turn out as well as hoped. It was a little too large for my head. The reason I did not add the earflaps is because the edge of the hat had already reached past my eyes. This hat works better for a male without the earflaps as it’s made with an I Hook and only has 16 rows. To use this hat, I may need to modify it a little more but I will probably look for another pattern. This pattern can be found on Ravelry by Knittwittz.

Simple Earflap Hat turned Beanie

Buttoned Up Headband

Recently I’ve been requested to make headbands. After looking through a few patterns I found one that I liked however I had to make some major modifications to the pattern. The original pattern can be found on Ravelry by B.hooked Crochet. When it comes to the modifications, I had difficultly doing the original pattern so I simply took pieces of it made it my own. The pattern uses single crochet, chain, and the woven stitch. The woven stitch was a new stitch for me and I found that the video by Bonnie Baker provides the best example on how to do the stitch.

There modifications that I did were::
With H Hook

CH 6

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and in that last remaining stitches.
Row 2: ch 1, sc in the same stitch as ch, sc in next 3 stitches, work 2 sc in last stitch.
Row 3: ch 1, sc in the same stitch as ch, sc in next 4 stitches, work 2 sc in last stitch.
Row 4: ch 1, sc in the same stitch as ch, sc in next 5 stitches, work 2 sc in last stitch.
Row 5: ch 1, sc in the same stitch as ch, sc in next 6 stitches, work 2 sc in last stitch.
Row 6: ch 1, sc in the same stitch as ch, sc in next 7 stitches, work 2 sc in last stitch.
Row 7-10: ch 1, sc across (10 sc)
Row 11-68: ch 2, work woven stitch in next stitch,*skip next stitch, work woven stitch into next stitch.* Repeat from * across row.
Row 69-72: ch 1, sc aross (10 sc).
Row 73: ch 1, sc in 1st 6 stitches, 2sctog, sc in last 2 stitches. (9sc)
Row 74: ch 1, sc in 1st 5 stitches, 2sctog, sc in last 2 stitches. (8sc)
Row 75: ch 1, sc in 1st 2 stitches, chain 4, skip 1 stitch, 2sctog, sc in last stitch.
Row 76: ch 1, sc in 1st 2 stitches, sc 2 stitches over chain, 2sctog (one over chain and 1st to last stitch), sc in last stitch.
Row 77: ch 1, sc in 1st 3 stitches, 2sctog, sc in last stitch. (5sc)
Row 78: ch 1, sc across.
Finish Off. Weave In Ends. Attach Button And Enjoy.

Pattern Modifications were written up quickly. May need to be tested and tweaked a little more.

Buttoned Up Headband

Barbie High Low Cocktail Dress

As I’ve mentioned before I have been making crocheted clothes for co-workers granddaughter. My most current piece is this dress here. It’s a simple high low cocktail dress that went together pretty quick. The dress starts with the skirt then the bodice which is why I had to add the lace up backing and beads so the lacing wouldn’t come undone. Most of the crocheted clothes I’ve made before usually start with the bodice first so I know if the piece if going to work on not. However it wasn’t the usually case with this, but it worked out anyways. I did a lace backing with my crocheted Party Dress for Barbie earlier too. This pattern can be found on Ravelry by Dez Alyxander.

Pink Cocktail Dress

Glama’s Fancy Bootie Slippers

I’ve been looking lately for a pattern for slippers and was lucky enough to find one that I didn’t need to purchase on Ravelry. The pattern is given as a video however it was easy to follow as the narrator who is the owner of the pattern gave great detail on how to do the pattern without needing it to be written down. I did write it down as I followed along so I don’t have to go back to it every time I wanted to do another pair. The orange pair is the original pattern, with the shelled border, while the gray is also the original pattern but without the shelled border. However the blue pair is a modified version that I put together as it has a shorter cuff. During the cuff the pattern requests that you change to an H Hook, on the next Row I chained 2, 2hdc, 1hdc around. The next 2 rows (plus the rows after are my modifications), I chained 1 then sc around. The next row is the button hole; I chained 1, sc in next 3, ch 3, skip 3, sc around. Then the next row I chained 1, sc around, I sc 3 over the chains. Finally I did two more rows of sc and finished off. Of all three patterns that I did differently I prefer the blue ones as the Orange and Gray versions cuffs are too baggy and tall. The pattern can be found here on Ravelry by Made With Love By Glama (Leticia Wilson).

Orange Boot Slippers
Gray Boot Slippers
Blue Short Boot Slippers

Party Dress

A lady that I work with, her granddaughter is into crocheted clothes for her barbies. She asked if I would make a few things for her dolls, which I don’t mind as it gives me something to do. I’ve made a few things for her in the last couple months the most recent is this little black party dress. I changed the pattern a little because I didn’t like how it was turned out as it was sort of buckling. When it comes to doing the skirt, on row 23, I didn’t do 2dc in each stitch to create that ruffle effect. Instead I just continued to dc in each stitch around till row 28, and did rows 30 and 31. It was starting to get too long for the doll and was already to her feet so I wanted to get the edging on the dress. I also didn’t add snaps to the back because the bodice was a little too small instead I threaded some of the thread into the bodice to create a lacing back. To make sure the thread didn’t run through, I added two small beads to the bottom of the strings. The pattern can be found on Raverly.

Party Dress

Tea Wrap

Recently finished a shawlette pattern from Ravelry, it was mainly just something to do. I had expected the pattern to be larger but it turned out to be smaller, as the pattern said it was a shawl not a shawlette which is smaller but that’s okay. Unfortunately the pattern can’t be worked larger even though it looks like it can but it can’t. There isn’t enough stitches to make it larger once it gets worked up after the finally last rows. This pattern would work well just for a small little over the shoulder wrap but not if you’re in a colder area.

Tea Wrap